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Wireline Retrievable Sand Screen Installation Services

Using one of our clients as a case study:


Sand Control Screens are screened pipes positioned in the wellbore directly opposite formation perforations – serve to block out sand, while allowing the flow through of oil or water. The client initially completed the well with wire wrapped sand screen, but this soon failed due to the erosive nature of the sand been produced from the well. The client was faced with enormous challenge of surface equipment damage as a result of this abrasive sand production.

 It was at the peak of this problem that the client contacted Star Offshore Energy (Nigeria) Limited to propose a cost-effective solution that will take care of the problem and guarantee the well productivity.

Star Offshore Energy (Nigeria) Limited, came up with the idea of sand screen deployment with slickline retrievable lock mandrel tool. We successfully installed the slickline retrievable sand screen in the well and the client never experienced sand on the surface from the well.

We can install the sand screen either below or above the SCSSV depending on the integrity of your tubing using our lock mandrel, so the depth of screen installation is not a problem to us at STAR OFFSHORE ENERGY NIGERIA LIMITED.

Feel free to call us to discuss your sand control issue and we would be glad to provide our solution to you.