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STAR OFFSHORE ENERGY is an indigenous Well Site, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Operations and Maintenance Services Company established to provide quality oil and gas services to the upstream, mid-stream and downstream sectors of Nigerian oil and gas industry.

 STAR OFFSHORE ENERGY is a Nigerian owned company with 100% indigenous ownership structure. With the support of our highly experienced and talented team, we are focused on providing solutions to complex onshore and offshore oil and gas projects. We have the capability to provide full range of well services and facilities engineering services to energy companies in Nigeria and also procure any oil and gas equipment from any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) around the globe.



 STAR OFFSHORE ENERGY has experienced Board of Directors and Management team with a combined experience of over 100 years of exposure to the Nigerian oil and gas industry. These cumulative years of experience consist of experience in upstream, mid-stream and downstream oil and gas sectors of the Nigerian economy. With this blend of experience, we have the assurance of delivering your oil and gas project in a very efficient manner and within your budget.

Each segment of our services is managed by an experienced manager.


 Every organization has a set of core competencies fundamental to their success. At STAR OFFSHORE ENERGY our core competencies are:

WELL INTERVENTION EXPERTISE: In the oil and gas industry, companies spend millions of dollars to put in place the oil well in order to access the huge volume of crude oil and gas that is locked in the subsurface reservoir sand. At STAR OFFSHORE ENERGY, it’s our business to help you look after the health of your oil wells by providing you with all the necessary well services to make your oil well live a very long and productive years. 


PROCESS EXPERTISE: A successful project begins with a good process design. We use our best technical resources in the front end of a project to ensure the process used is the best, and most cost effective means of achieving your plant performance objectives. Once the process is established, supporting disciplines execute the project with confidence; knowing that the basic concepts are right. This eliminates costly re-work from the design process to ensure the technical integrity of your project.


MODULARISATION EXPERTISE: We believe costs and quality are better controlled in a shop environment. This philosophy is fundamental in the design of our facilities. We strive to optimize layouts for operations and maintenance, reduce weight and size for road transport, and minimize field construction labour. The benefits to you include better quality, lower capital costs and improved schedules.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE: A successful project requires more than good technical design – it demands good project management. Our Project Managers understand this key concept and have the tools, resources, responsibility and authority to deliver on their project commitments. 


MAINTENANCE EXPERTISE: To maximize the value of an equipment or installation, proper maintenance culture must be put in place and the use of expert maintenance crew is a must. That is the business we are into and we are always available at any time to provide superior maintenance services that you cannot get anywhere else.


COMMITMENT TO EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT: We believe a service professional requires both technical and interpersonal skills to be successful. We supplement employee technical skills by providing training in “staff” skills such as leadership, client relations and interpersonal communications. Our trained engineering service professionals manage both the technical and people issues, associated with executing a project.


FLEXIBILITY IN SERVICING YOUR NEEDS: Every client is unique and deserves to be treated as such. STAR OFFSHORE ENERGY supports your needs by adapting our organization to your requirements. We will deliver progress reports in the format you request, procure equipment and materials using the systems and procedures you choose, and interface with any system core to your business and corporate culture. We want to make it easy for you to work with us.


HEALTH SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT: STAR OFFSHORE ENERGY has a strong corporate commitment to health and safety. We strive to integrate safety into all aspects of our design, fabrication, construction, maintenance, well services and operational activities. Our Corporate commitment extends to the environment. We look for ways to reduce gas emissions and energy consumption as a matter of policy. We believe we can do our part in creating a sustainable energy industry.


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